2013 Cloud Robotics Hackathon Winners!

Hackathon Cash Prices

Hackathon Cash Prices

After reviewing all your entries, we finally selected the winners for 2013 edition of the Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon. The winning projects were selected by the team of judges thanks to their originality, implementation quality,  captivating presentations  relevance to cloud robotics , and usefulness.

Honourable Mention : Team Telemetron

Telemetron T1

Telemetron T1

Before naming the three winners, we would like to give a give a honourable mention to team Telemetron. They created an outstanding robotic behaviour and actively participated and documented their project throughout the week. They were also very active on Twitter. As a result they submitted by far the best documentation. You can see their robot Telemetron T1 at its MyRobots.com page. and See their entire documentation on Chris Barlow’s blog.

Third Place: Team RoboticApp




Team RoboticApp showed the versatility of their applications by using them in three different robots. They also showed how they can monitor and be alerted about the status of their robot using MyRobots.com. For these reasons they get the third place prize of 500$! You can follow their robot Consuela on its robot page.

Second Place: Team Human Hamster-Wheel


Human-Hamster Wheel

Human Hamster-Wheel

The Human Hamster-Wheel team added monitoring features to their project at the Ottawa Museum of Science. The wheel allows visitors to generate electricity by running and now, the wheel performance can be monitored by MyRobots.com. This is a good real-life example of MyRobots.com used to monitor the performance of a an installation being continually used. Their robot page is  private, so you will have to create an account and befriend them in order to see how the wheel is doing. This team wins the second prize of 1000$!

First Place: Team RoboSamurai

RoboSamurai Encouragement System

RoboSamurai Encouragement System

Team RoboSamurai, truly exploited the full potential of MyRobots.com by a clever usage of the platform. Their application solves a real-life problem, is well implemented, is presented in an engaging ways and, most importantly, it features robot-to-robot collaboration robot-to-human collaboration, and monitoring. By using the specific capabilities of several robots the team is able to track a human working out and encourage him along the way. For this unique application, they win the first prize of 1500$!

Final Remarks

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants. Your projects were very interesting and we had lots of fun evaluating them. We also enjoyed answering your questions and making sure you had all the information you needed to complete your projects. We hope you enjoyed your participation as well and we are looking forward to see you all next year.

We would also like to Thank RobotShop and MyRobots.com for sponsoring this event and making this edition possible. Without their support, we would not have been able to provide you with the prices and discounts that you got.


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