Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

What is the most efficient way for a geek to have lots of fun with other fellow geeks while making awesome robots? It is probably participating in the Cloud Robotics Hackathon, where you get to hack for a full weekend on robots in order to make them do cool and useful stuff using the power of cloud-computing.

Getting started in robotics may seem intimidating but fear not. If you have the basic notions of programming, and understand that an actuator moves things and a sensor senses the environment, then you can start hacking robots right away.

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Nao 1337

Nao 1337

We usually interact with machines by moving levers, pushing buttons, typing, clicking and touching. These interaction methods might be appropriate in some contexts, but in everyday human life, social interactions are much more natural, meaningful and powerful. As machines evolve, they become capable of interacting more naturally with us, allowing them to benefit from the many advantages that social behaviour entails. Not only robots should be able to efficiently understand and share information with humans, they should also be able to interact and cooperate with each other in order to outgrow their limitations. The Cloud Robotics Hackathon aims to catalyse the creative process and bring roboticists, programmers, hackers and makers to produce social robotic applications that use collaboration between machines through cloud computing, and natural interaction with humans in order to reach useful goals. What better way to create social robotic application, than by socializing with other hackers in a Hackathon?

Global Challenge

The World

The World

Hackers and makers are called to create useful robotic applications that use natural and social human interactions and robot-to-robot collaboration by using cloud-computing and web services.

Although the applications can be funny or outright silly, we encourage the development of meaningful applications that will bring benefits to humans by allowing them to access information that is otherwise only available through less natural interfaces (such as pointing and clicking).

Cities around the world are challenged to form teams and gather on March 2nd to March 4th to hack together cloud-robotics applications. The main event will be held in Montreal and a Google Hangout will be used to broadcast it live.


See the Tools page for more information.


See the Rules page for more information.

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