Participants to the Hackathon can use whatever tools they have at their disposal and that better suit their skill set. This being said, we believe that the following tools are particularly well suited for the tasks at hand, and we encourage their use:

  • Python – Allows to quickly prototype programs
  • ROS – Provides a vast robotic framework
  • Android – Allows to interface robotic hardware with friendlier user interfaces.
  • Arduino – Allows to easily control low-level devices such as actuators and sensors.
  • – Allows for Robot-to-robot communication, cloud-monitoring and control.

Of course, the use of these languages and frameworks is not mandatory and many others could be used including Urbi, MS RDS, Java, C (in all of its flavours), Perl, Ruby, .Net, and many more.

If you have no idea about robotics, you might want to read this tutorial on how to make a robot from scratch.

For those interested in knowing more about ROS, Android and Cloud Robotics, we recommend watching this video from Google IO 2011 (it is 40 minutes long but it is definitely worth it).

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