2013 Project Submission

Submit your Cloud Robotics project by April 14th 2013 to have the chance to win cash prizes totalizing 3000$. You can fill the form linked below to submit your project information. You can edit your entry until the final deadline when it will be judged according to the rules.

Submit your Cloud Robotics Project!

2013 Participants Map

Register to see your city appear on the map. Hover the markers to see their project ideas.

View Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013 Participants in a larger map

2013 Location Registration

Want to organize a physical event in your community? Contact us (with your name, full address, and other pertinent information) and register your location today, to be displayed on the locations map and be present in the video hangouts.

2012 Locations

Click on a nearby location to see more details about it.

View Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2012 in a larger map

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