2013 Cloud Robotics Hackathon Winners!

Hackathon Cash Prices

Hackathon Cash Prices

After reviewing all your entries, we finally selected the winners for 2013 edition of the Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon. The winning projects were selected by the team of judges thanks to their originality, implementation quality,  captivating presentations  relevance to cloud robotics , and usefulness.

Honourable Mention : Team Telemetron

Telemetron T1

Telemetron T1

Before naming the three winners, we would like to give a give a honourable mention to team Telemetron. They created an outstanding robotic behaviour and actively participated and documented their project throughout the week. They were also very active on Twitter. As a result they submitted by far the best documentation. You can see their robot Telemetron T1 at its MyRobots.com page. and See their entire documentation on Chris Barlow’s blog.

Third Place: Team RoboticApp




Team RoboticApp showed the versatility of their applications by using them in three different robots. They also showed how they can monitor and be alerted about the status of their robot using MyRobots.com. For these reasons they get the third place prize of 500$! You can follow their robot Consuela on its robot page.

Second Place: Team Human Hamster-Wheel


Human-Hamster Wheel

Human Hamster-Wheel

The Human Hamster-Wheel team added monitoring features to their project at the Ottawa Museum of Science. The wheel allows visitors to generate electricity by running and now, the wheel performance can be monitored by MyRobots.com. This is a good real-life example of MyRobots.com used to monitor the performance of a an installation being continually used. Their robot page is  private, so you will have to create an account and befriend them in order to see how the wheel is doing. This team wins the second prize of 1000$!

First Place: Team RoboSamurai

RoboSamurai Encouragement System

RoboSamurai Encouragement System

Team RoboSamurai, truly exploited the full potential of MyRobots.com by a clever usage of the platform. Their application solves a real-life problem, is well implemented, is presented in an engaging ways and, most importantly, it features robot-to-robot collaboration robot-to-human collaboration, and monitoring. By using the specific capabilities of several robots the team is able to track a human working out and encourage him along the way. For this unique application, they win the first prize of 1500$!

Final Remarks

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants. Your projects were very interesting and we had lots of fun evaluating them. We also enjoyed answering your questions and making sure you had all the information you needed to complete your projects. We hope you enjoyed your participation as well and we are looking forward to see you all next year.

We would also like to Thank RobotShop and MyRobots.com for sponsoring this event and making this edition possible. Without their support, we would not have been able to provide you with the prices and discounts that you got.


Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013

Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013

Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2013

We are pleased to announce the 2013 edition of the Global Cloud-Robotics Hackathon! This year we made some changes to the formula, but fear not, the hackathon still involves robots and the cloud.

What is staying the same?

The main objective of the event is to allow newcomers and seasoned roboticists alike to create robotic applications that use the power of the cloud. In order to facilitate this, we are providing resources and help to all of those willing to participate.

What is changing?

Last year, we restricted the hackathon participation to groups of people gathering in one place and participating to the event at the same time. This space-time restrictions seem outdated, especially for a cloud-based event. This is why, this year, we have no physical gathering restrictions or strict time synchronization requirements for participants. Also, we are not providing free robotics kits this year since now robots are more accessible and more people have them. Instead, we are giving away 3000$ in cash prices to the top three projects!

For those who still need robotic starter kits, we are providing RobotShop discount coupons to make them accessible to everyone.

Is there a theme?

Last year, the main idea of the hackathon was to get people started in cloud-robotics by introducing the concept and by allowing them to play with the possibilities.

This year, we will be focusing on one of the applications of cloud-robotics: remote monitoring. This means using the robots’ connection to the cloud to help humans stay informed about the status of their robots (e.g. to know how well they are accomplishing a task, or if they encountered problems along the way).

Monitoring through MyRobots.com?

If you already used MyRobots.com, you know that it can be a bit cumbersome to do remote monitoring right now. That will very soon change with the release of new monitoring features (what a coincidence!). With these new features, you will be able to receive alerts in several ways to keep you informed on the status of your robot.

Enough mystery! Tell me all the facts.

During the National Robotics Week (from April 6th to April 14th), we invite everybody wanting to get involved in the future of robotics to participate to the Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon. The participants will have one full week to complete and submit their projects to be judged according to the event’s evaluation criteria.

In order to participate, simply register your project idea by filling the registration form. As a result, you will receive a discount RobotShop coupon that you can use towards getting the official MyDFRobotShop Rover Kit (especially suited for connecting to MyRobots.com, the first social network for robots).

Ideally, you should start making your project on April 6th at the beginning of the National Robotics Week. However, there is no way for us to prevent you from working on it beforehand. Nevertheless, keep in mind that we have access to something called The Internet and that we will not tolerate plagiarism or just a reposts of an old project. We do accept improvements on an older or ongoing project.

The project submission deadline is April 14th (23:59 UTC). By the end of that day, in order to be eligible to win one of the three cash prices, each team (or individual participant) must have submitted:

  • A project synopsis (preferably with pictures)
  • The code used in the project
  • A video demonstration of the project
3000$ Cash Prize

3000$ Cash Prize

The top three most awesome projects will be awarded with 3000$ in cash! The prizes are awarded as follows:

  1. 1500$
  2. 1000$
  3. 500$

Also, all robotics applications submitted are eligible to be listed at the MyRobots Appstore where they can live, be sold or given away.

Am I eligible?

If you can ask yourself that question, then you are. Basically any human or intelligent enough AI can register an idea and participate.

Of course, if you participate in a team, you will increase the chances of producing an increasingly awesome project and thus winning.

But I really want to gather with other hackers!

Meeting other like-minded hackers is indeed fun. That is why we will be organizing video hangouts where all participants can meet and interact with each-other throughout the National Robot Week.

If you really want a more traditional hackathon where you synchronize with other humans and attend the same physical location, then do it! We encourage hacker groups to gather and hack along in their local communities, universities, hacker-spaces, houses, sheds, bunkers, etc.

Make sure you register your gatherings so they can be displayed in this year’s locations page.

I still have questions

The site is filled with information through its various sections. If you went through all of those and still have some unanswered questions, then leave a comment so we can address your inquiries. Not a fan of comments? Send us an email.

2012 Results

We are very happy to announce the results of the Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2012. We combined all the project evaluations from the judges and chose the top three projects which will be awarded awesome prices.


In third place we find an excellent project that uses a complex robot behaviours to encourage discipline and cleanliness in humans. We really enjoyed the humorous presentation, usage of the cloud and autonomous navigation.


Team No Pain, No Game from Montreal wins the third prizes comprises of the following items:


The second place goes to a very impressive project involving autonomous navigation, path planning, communication via the robotic cloud, a crafty game board, and funky smiley faces on a smartphone. The complexity, the attention to detail, and the overall completeness of the projects were most impressive and showed the awesome hacking skills of the team.

Team Oddwerx from Santa Clara wins the second prizes comprises of the following items:


The first place goes to the most cloudy of all projects. One that involves shiny lights, felt and lots of colours. This project uses a very interesting communication and collaboration system between robots that helps them fetch messages from the cloud even if they don’t have direct access to the web. This project also tackles the interesting area of education and regards though the use of a game. We really enjoyed the technical complexity, robot communication and human interaction featured in the project


Team LightingBots from Montreal wins the FIRST prizes comprises of the following items:

More Projects

Unfortunately, we cannot give prices to everyone although we think every team did great and truly impressed us with what they could come up in a single weekend. We invite you to have a look at all their amazing project presentations.

 Keep Hacking Robots, Keep Hacking the Future.

See you Next Year!

This Was a Triumph

This was a triumph
I’m making a note here
It’s hard to overstate
My satisfaction


We would like to thank all the people who contributed to the success of this first edition of the Cloud Robotics Hackathon.  We give special thanks to our sponsors who support this initiative, to the volunteers who helped a lot throughout the weekend, and to the hackers who created awesome robotic applications.

We hope everyone enjoyed their experience.  Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts.

Hello World!

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Join the global Cloud Robotics Hackathon today! Find a location near you.

See the event rules, register your team before February 18th 2012 (or February 24th for Montreal, Waterloo and Westchester County) and get a FREE DFRobotShop Rover (a 99$ Arduino-compatible robotic development platform) for the teams to keep after the event.


Embrace the era of social machines by participating at the first Cloud Robotics Hackathon, a full weekend of hacking and learning about cloud-robotics and social machines. By using web services and readily available programming tools we invite hackers, programmers and tinkerers to create fun and useful robotic behaviours. Want to know more? See more information about the event, and register your teams or organize your local hackathon.


From March 2nd to March 4th 2012. See the event schedule for more information.


This initiative is born in Montreal but we are challenging every other city to form local groups and hack on the same date. See the locations to participate or organize your own local hackathon.

What do you need?

Bring your own laptop (or desktop) for hacking and robots or parts if you already have some. We will provide FREE food, caffeine, some awesome local robots (see the locations for more details about local robots), WiFi, electric power and a DFRobotShop Rover.


Programming robots can be intimidating for some, but fear not! If you know the basics of programming and understand that a  motor (called actuator in robotics) is used to move things, and a sensor is used to sense things, then you are ready to get started in robotics. See the recommended tools to get prepared to the event.